Channing Gardner

Channing's background includes a Bachelor of Science in Investment Finance from the University of Alabama, and more than 20 years of business management and contract negotiation. He moved to 30A in 2007 to begin building investment properties, after a long stint as an entrepreneur in the technology and music business.

Channing and his wife Carly feel fortunate to live here, and privileged to offer their resources to homebuyers in the area.

He has consistently been a leader in representing homebuyers on 30A, and has helped buyers close on over $30 Million in Rosemary Beach and over $70 Million in purchases on 30A since 2014.

Channing and his wife Carly are strong supporters of the 30A community, and they believe that Scenic 30A and Rosemary Beach offer one of the best combinations of beach lifestyle, eco-tourism, entertainment, and luxury real estate in the world.

In his off-time, Channing is an avid beach volleyball player and he loves to travel the world with Carly.

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